‘Persona 5 The Royal’ Is an Overhaul With a New Phantom Thief

An Upgrade Fit for a King

After what seems like an eon’s worth of rumors and teases, Atlus finally unveiled new details behind Persona 5 The Royal. Imagine an overhaul of the original game, with new content, upgrades, and even a new Phantom Thief.

Along with new music and graphical upgrades that spiff up the experience, players will encounter a whole new range of activities. Joker and the Phantom Thieves and are getting a new ally to take people’s hearts. Her name is Kasumi Yoshizawa, a transfer student to Shujin Academy. Like with the rest of the gang, her character includes a social link and a unique selection of abilities to a explore.

A new trailer, revealed today, offers an in-game glimpse of new quests, abilities, and a new location. More interactions and opportunities await in the nooks and crannies of Tokyo. And speaking of allies, Persona 5 The Royal will also bring a new Confidant, a counselor at Shujin Academy.  Some new social links bring more ways to hang out with allies and pursue stronger bonds. The latest footage is only a small preview of the extra content.

Unfortunately, the cost of all the additional content is a longer wait time. Persona 5 The Royal won’t arrive for the West until sometime in 2020. Alternatively, anyone who speaks fluid Japanese can find Japan’s version for sale on October 31, 2019. Stay tuned for an official western release date.

SOURCE: Kotaku