The Latest Days Gone Update Fixes Most, but Not All of the Frustrating Bugs

The 1.05 Update for Days Gone Has Fixed a Few More Issues 

It’s been a few days since the highly anticipated open world survival game Days Gone was released and while many have been enjoying their new found adventure of Deacon St. John, there are a few issues that have been getting in the way of a smooth experience. Obviously the developers are just trying to work out the kinks and have just released a new patch that has fixed a couple of the problems.

Days Gone

In a new post on the Days Gone subreddit page, Bend Studio has shared which fixes were a part of the most recent patch, patch 1.05. Here’s what the developer had to say, “Hey guys! We are so glad you guys joined us for the launch week of Days Gone. This patch includes some fixes and our team is focusing on the dropped audio bug along with the multiple save issue some of you are experiencing.” You can check out their short patch notes below.

  • General Fixes
    • A fix for a streaming issue in a certain locations
  • Crash Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where some players experienced a crash when booting up the game
  • Known Issue
    • Audio dropping out/muted. If you are experiencing this, equip the default exhaust to your bike. We are looking into a resolution for this issue.

Now despite this patch there are still two big problems that fans have continued to make their frustration known about: frame rate drops and audio issues. While there’s no word yet on when this will be fixed Bend Studios is aware of the issues and are working on them. They stated they’re working on overall optimization to fix the frame rate drop problem and they are looking into the dropped audio issue as well. “We hope to have a fix soon and will let you guys know when we do. Sorry for the inconvenience!”

Have you experienced any of these bugs for yourself? Have you been enjoying your time with Days Gone? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to keep it locked for updates!