Best Buy Giving Away Playstation Classics Today

A Rather Precipitous Price Drop

It’s only for one day, but Best Buy is giving away the Playstation Classic! All you have to do is pick up a PS4 Pro and they’ll hand you one for free. While we all knew the retro system wasn’t especially popular, Best Buy giving them away like fries at a Red Robin is a clear sign.

Playstation Classic

Again, this is just for the rest of this single day. After that, you’ll have to pay somewhere between 48 and 60 CAD to grab one online. That is, unless there’s a sale? Honestly, there’s always a sale. If nothing else, this one day giveaway is a massive nail in the coffin for Sony’s weird little retro experiment.

Perhaps next time (assuming there is a next time) Sony will include better games? Or maybe use a better emulator. Or maybe they can offer versions of the games that run properly. Truly, the sky’s the limit for Playstation. You can find the Bestbuy offer here. For more info on the PS Classic, check out our write-up here! Hey, maybe the next giveaway for this system will be in like, a box of cereal or something. A man can dream, right?