Whiskey Stills Are Coming to Fallout 76

A Little Something to Take the Edge Off

A lot has happened with Fallout 76. Some of it was even good! Working to fix the item duping, for example. Also, they’re introducing Whiskey stills this month! Soon you’ll be able to craft, consume and trade in high-powered booze to your heart’s content.

fallout 76 whiskey stills

All you’ll have to do is complete a quest line and you’ll be serving up spirits with the best of them. Beer, wine, bathtub hooch – all yours to assemble and spread throughout the wasteland. According to the blog post, things like wine and spirits will get more powerful the longer you allow them to ferment. Here’s hoping this lets you brew up some super-strength drinks.

Like all good crafting recipes, they will come with their share of upsides and drawbacks. Hangovers and stat buffs and the like. After all, what’s the fun in getting drunk if you’re not risking a little pain and suffering later? For example, the Firecracker Whiskey will cause your melee attacks to set your enemies on fire. You will also be set on fire, but you’ll be drunk! What’ll you care? The brewing station and all this boozy fun will go live on March 12. I look forward to seeing what sort of unintended consequences this creates for the game.