Devil May Cry V Voice Actors Have Skeletons In Their Closets

Racist Uncle Skeletons, In Fact

UPDATE: Since this story came out, Capcom has released a statement. They make it clear that “the views of the VO actors are not condoned by nor do they reflect those of Capcom.” Just in case you thought anyone thought that all this was okay.

We’re well into the new era of fame, where all your awful decisions come to haunt you as soon as you’re worth googling. On that note, a couple members of the Devil May Cry V English voice cast have come under fire over the skeletons in their closets.

First up is Joey Camen. He plays Morrison in Devil May Cry V. He also had a YouTube channel called Camen TV that was just, a hot mess of offensive garbage. Camen posted videos taking cheap shots at minorities, trans people and more. Every video was a feast of slurs and terrible accents. It was already weird enough that they had an old white guy playing one of the game’s few black characters. This makes is much worse.

Next is Reuben Langdon, the voice of Dante. Unlike Camen, he didn’t dress up in ten-cent blackface or anything. Instead, he’s just a firm believer in QAnon, UFOs, and Vic Mignogna. Langdon did an interview on the Toy Bounty Hunters YouTube channel. He covers a wide range of topics, with only some of them being deeply controversial. Between the two actors, it seems there’s a lot of dirt to dig up.