Apex Legends Cheaters Getting Hardware Bans

Not Something A New Account Can Fix

Cheaters are a major problem in any online game. Sometimes you have to take some extreme measures in order to counter these problematic players. Apex Legends is apparently turning to hardware bans. Too much, or just enough? That depends on whether you’re one of the cheaters.

The problem, or the solution, became clear when some players tried to get back in the game after being banned. A Reddit post gathered up some threads of these cheaters banging their heads against the wall, so to speak. Even if you’ve repented, this ban will stick. A harsh punishment, but an effective deterrent. People are still cheating, of course.

Rather, you can still find people selling cheats online, if you know where to look. Is super speed and all that really worth it if using said powers gets you permanently banned from the game? You might be hoping you won’t get caught, but Respawn has been downright aggressive of late. Recent reports suggest that over 355,000 people have been banned from the game for cheating. Hopefully news of this very permanent ban strategy will keep everyone playing Apex Legends somewhat honest.