The Outer Worlds ‘A Little Smaller’ Than KOTOR 2

Weird Unit Of Measurement But Okay

Fan hype is a real, tangible force that can smash into upcoming games with all the force of a hurricane. To that end, the most recent interview with two of the creators of The Outer Worlds is all about managing fan hype. Also there’s some talk about the size of the game, which is ‘a little smaller’ than Knights of The Old Republic 2. It’s like a more esoteric version of the banana scale!

According to the interview, which you can see all of here, it can be a harrowing experience watching fans talk about your game online. The developers are adamant about what’s coming. Open world? Nope. Hundreds of hours of content? Not especially. But they believe in what they’re creating regardless.

Honestly, I’d rather have a well-crafted experience between 15 and 40 hours (the amount decided on in the video) than some sprawling monstrosity too bloated with sidequests to fit through your front door. Every game is festooned with fan hype at first, that’s half the fun of waiting for these things. The important thing to remember is that the devs never consulted your wildest hopes and dreams during the beta phase. The Outer Worlds is coming to the PC, PS4 and the Xbox One sometime this year.