Nomura: There’ll Be ‘At Least One’ More Kingdom Hearts Game Before KH4 Launches

Will the Kingdom Hearts Timeline Get Even More Complicated?

Kingdom Hearts fans can expect another game in the series to come out before a fourth mainline Kingdom Hearts releases, according to Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura.

Kingdom Hearts

“As for the next Kingdom Hearts, there will be at least one KH title that will release before a ‘KH4’,” Nomura reportedly said in Kingdom Hearts III’s Ultimania, which is basically a detailed KH3 guidebook that released on Thursday.

After the first two mainline games came out there were several plot-relevant, unnumbered games that launched such as 358/2 Days and Coded. These games are likely what lead to the franchise getting its current infamous reputation for having a…complicated story (to say the least).

In order to fully understand the plot of KH3, one would have to either watch a plot breakdown on YouTube or playing seven unnumbered games that all take place in specific parts of the series timeline. Here’s hoping that whatever Nomura is planning won’t make things even more complicated for gamers to follow.

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