Nintendo Teasing New Titles for 2019

We’re listening, Nintendo.

For the data crunchers out there, Nintendo’s fiscal briefing brought out a lot of numbers and a good projection of what to expect in the future. For the rest of us, we got Nintendo teasing a few new titles we can expect this coming year.

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The line that caught my attention most is that there is a currently unannounced title that “fans will be delighted to know” – I won’t lie, my mind automatically started screaming “MOTHER 3!!” because I am an idiot with constant unrealistic desires. Some of the more popular wishes have been a port of the Gameboy Advance RPG Golden Sun and a new entry into the F-Zero title.

Nintendo also said that there are more games in the works, with one that will be “a nice fit to the online program”. This particular tease has my me scratching my head, trying to think of more Nintendo franchises that would work well online.

We are due for another Nintendo Direct soon, and E3 is just a few months away, so hopefully we get some answers soon!

What titles are you hoping for? Let us know!