Kingdom Hearts III Has Shipped Over 5 Million Units Worldwide

Kingdom Hearts III Is the “Fastest Selling” Game of the Series, Says Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts III has shipped over 5 million units globally, Square Enix announced on Monday. The action-RPG just launched last Tuesday on the PS4 & Xbox One and, according to Square Enix, has already become “the fastest selling game in the history of the series.”

Kingdom Hearts III

The latest entry in the Kingdom Hearts saga has been met with critical acclaim and our review of the game was overwhelmingly positive.

“All-in-all, fourteen-year-old me and modern twenty-seven-year-old me are pretty happy with Kingdom Hearts 3,” the review’s author wrote. “It’s a JRPG cover band of Disney’s greatest hits from the past 30 years and doubles down on everything that gives the series its identity, from over-the-top combat to overly-complex plotlines that make little to no sense.”

“Kingdom Hearts 3 is still some of the most genuine and wholesome fun I’ve had in thirteen years, and even though to some degree it is more of the same that we’ve seen from past titles with more polish, finesse, and technological magic, but in a way, that’s what makes it feel like home,” the review’s author also wrote.

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