NieR Automata Celebrates Second Anniversary

All the news from the Anniversary Event

On the second anniversary of NieR Automata, Square Enix held a Livestream, sharing a few small announcements and tidbits.

For users of the popular messaging system “Line”, the above sticker pack feature 2B was announced – although they don’t seem to be available for purchase quite yet. They also previewed the 15 avatars and PS4 theme that’ll be included in the NieR Automata: Game of the YoRHa Edition, launching in North America next week.

A collaboration between NieR Automata and the Yoko Taro directed mobile game SINoALICE was announced and will be starting February 21st. Since SINoALICE was announced to be coming West not long ago, its probably safe to speculate we’ll also end up seeing this collaboration as well.

A few details were shared about the NieR Orchestra Concert’s Blu-Ray release, as well as some information about the upcoming Japanese Stage Play adaptation of NieR Automata.

And of course – some news from Yoko Taro himself – he’s going to be joining the ranks of Kizuna Ai and Kaguya Luna as a Virtual Youtuber (affectionately knowns as “VTubers”)! Starting next month in March, he’ll be appearing on the weekly “Jam Gem Jump!!!”, a VR radio show that is hosted on the Japanese Streaming platform NicoNico Douga. Producer Yosuke Saito is part of Jam Gem Jump’s production as well, and it sounds like Yoko Taro may have been relentless is wanting to try Vtubing, thus launching the project! It sounds like there will be even more details soon.

NeiR Automata has been a huge hit – two years down the road I honestly haven’t seen its popularity slow down, what with 2B gaining a guest spot in Soul Calibur and novels being published among other things. My original “playthrough” was actually watching bits and pieces of the game while my friend played, but I’m excited to be picking up my own copy next week!