Creator of the 3DS Capture Card Now Bankrupt

Offices and Website Now Closed

Capturing 3DS footage isn’t exactly easy, and its about to get tougher as Katsukity, the creator of the 3DS Capture Card has now gone bankrupt and closed.

Katsukity produced 3DS capture cards for all but the original model of the machine, and with their shutdown it means there is no longer anyone producing an easy way to capture 3DS footage.  The European Distributor of the cards does still have some in stock, but expect them to move pretty quickly.

The news about the closure was originally posted to Twitter by the account akiba365, which posts updates about the Akihabara neighbourhood in Tokyo:

A brief translation of the tweet is that the notice appeared on the store front on February 1st. Right now, the speculation of the closure is a few law in Japan that makes console modding illegal, but nothing as been confirmed at this time.


If you don’t already have a 3DS capture card, you can still MacGuyver your way into recording some off-screen 3DS footage. I’ve tried the method I’ve linked there to some pretty decent success.

Nintendo did recently change their Creators program, so I guess for now those of us who want to share more 3DS footage will have to cross our fingers that they find a new way to let us do so.