‘New Research’ Shows That Xbox Gamers Have Better Reaction Times Than PS4 Gamers

Xbox Gamers Apparently Have Some Crazy Reflexes

Research data gleaned from a reaction test that was held by the tech company LG showed that Xbox gamers have superior reaction times compared to gamers on PS4 and are more accurate at hitting targets than PC gamers. This reaction test involved over 1,400 gamers across those three platforms, according to a recent LG press release.


“When taking the test, users were required to click on targets that faded from green to red as quickly as possible to help increase their score,” the press release explained. The test takers reaction score was based on how accurately & quickly they hit those targets.

“Overall reaction scores produced from the test show console gamers to have the best reactions, or ‘twitchiness’, with Xbox gamers having an average reaction score of 79.7 and PlayStation gamers with 71.9. PC gamers had the lowest average reaction score, with 62.2,” the press release continued. “In terms of number of targets hit, Xbox gamers led the way with 78% of clicks on target. PlayStation gamers hit 74%, whilst PC gamers hit just 70% of the time.”

“Although PC gamers hit fewer targets than their console counterparts, they were, however, the quickest to react with almost 1 in 5 (18%) of the targets hit being green,” the press release added. “Compared to Xbox players who only hit 9% of targets while they were green. This meant that while PC gamers were less accurate overall, they did seem to have itchier trigger-fingers.”

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