Doom Mod Makes the Legend of Zelda into a First-Person Experience

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The Legend of Zelda saw the beginning of an epic and iconic series, and one of the definitive titles of gaming. Doom also made a name for itself as a classic first-person shooter and one of the most recognizable titles across all generations of gaming. Now, a modder going by the name of Exkodius has taken it upon themselves to put the two titles together. Zelda, hero of console gaming and Doom, hero of PC gaming, coming together to make  the Doom mod The Legend of Zelda: Total Conversion.

Doom mod

Exkodius explains that the idea for the mod came about while playing the Legend of Zelda, wondering what it would be like to play the game in first-person. Now, before you get too excited, there is something you should know about the mod: it is not at all anywhere near completion. Exkodius is very transparent about this. They describe the mod it is mostly a proof-of-concept at this point. The mod files can be downloaded on ModDB, but like I said, the modder does not consider it a “game” at this stage.

Exkodius says that the only people that the files will really be useful to are those who want to expand on the concept. It’s really just a jumping-off point for other modders. The 8-bit look of the Legend of Zelda is captured perfectly by Exkodius and lends itself very well to the original Doom aesthetic. This is something we would like to see completed. As Exkodius says, hopefully someone with the passion and experience can do something with this and finish it.

What do you think of this “mod”? What other games would you like to see created in this way? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Kotaku