Blizzard Pays Tribute to Marvel Legend Stan Lee in World of Warcraft

Is WoW Part of the MCU Now?

Arguably one of the most important people in pop culture today, Stan Lee will be forever memorialized in the comics he helped create. The blockbuster movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and in association with Marvel also tip their hat to the man with his legendary cameos. His presence is felt beyond the Marvel Universe in Blizzard’s new patch for World of Warcraft. After his passing in November 2018, Stan Lee appears walking around Azeroth as the NPC Stanley. He walks around with grey hair and a mustache, wearing aviator sunglasses. Occasionally, Stanley will wave and say “Excelsior!” just like our favourite comic book godfather. 

Stan Lee

Twitter user Bas Schouten appears to have made the first screen capture of Stanley. This is not the first non-Marvel cameo Stan Lee has done. He has appeared briefly in movies like Kick-Ass, Princess Diaries 2, Mallrats, and Pizza-Man to name just a few. Marvel related video games have also shown love for Stan the Man. He is in half a dozen Spider-Man games. In The Amazing Spider movie tie-in, players can play as Stan Lee. In addition to Stan’s look, his voiced is also lent to the game. He appears as Senator Lieber in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (since his real name is Stanley Lieber) who gets saved by the heroes. In Lego Marvel Superheroes, Stan Lee can be unlocked as a playable character. He can also transform into Stan-Hulk, similar to how Bruce Banner can transform into the Hulk in the game.

Stan Lee’s final video game cameo came to us in Marvel’s Spider-Man,which came out in September. After seeing Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, Stan tells Mary Jane “I love seeing you two together again. You were always my favourite.”

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Source: Cinema Blend