Last Year: The Nightmare Launches on Discord’s Store

The Teamwork-Focused Horror Game Last Year: The Nightmare Is Now Available on Discord

The multiplayer horror game Last Year: The Nightmare became available for purchase on Discord’s online store today and costs $29.99, announced the game’s development studio in a press release.

Last Year: The Nightmare

According to the press release, Last Year: The Nightmare will launch on consoles in 2019.

This multiplayer horror experience involves five players playing as high school students trying to escape a realm called “The Nightmare” while a sixth player takes control of a roster comprising of three killers trying to stop the students from succeeding.

The students can use a variety of weapons and items in order to fight these killers and they’ll have to work together in order to escape and the “killer” player has the ability to turn invisible while in “Predator Mode”, possesses super speed & strength, and can set up traps.

The game’s developer, Elastic Games, has confirmed that Last Year: The Nightmare will have post-launch support & content.

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SOURCE: Press release