Cryptic Quantic Dream Tweet Has Fans Prophesying Like Crazy

People Really Want More Connor and Hank

The team at Quantic Dream took to Twitter, thanking their fans for an awesome year and promising good news on the Horizon. Fairly innocuous, while still containing the promise of delicious new content sometime in the future. Fans took this as a sign from above, believing that Detroit Become Human DLC or even a sequel is on the horizon. Ideally, something that focuses on Connor and Hank.

detroit: become human investigation

Seriously, people are thirsty for more of this dynamic duo in like, a DLC story or something. Just a buddy cop story starring the ol’ Synth and Grizzle. Other prophecies and/or pleas include a sequel, more romance options, and a Fahrenheit remake.

Will it be DLC? A remake? A full-blown sequel? Or will the studio simply announce that they’re moving to Worldwide Studios, a sad yet sensible end to this cryptic Quantic mystery. Either way, we’re surely getting more content for the story-centric French studio in 2019. Although based on the replies to that Tweet, some of that content absolutely needs to involve Simon and Marcus getting into a thing, romantically. Or Connor and Frank going on adventures. Or getting into a thing. People really love Connor and Frank.