PSN Name Changes May Be Coming Soon, After All

It’s Been Twelve Years…

When they’re not getting wrapping themselves around platinum trophies and Fortnite┬ácontroversy, PlayStation users are wondering about PSN name changes. Well, the changes may finally be coming, and soon.

While Sony has been quiet on PSN name changes, sources have indicated to Kotaku that they are coming. Allegedly, without permission to speak to the press, multiple game developers have claimed that they’re tweaking their multiplayer titles in preparation for PlayStation’s upcoming changes. One source went so far as to share a photo of documentation, which contained the words “edit username.”

At the time of this writing, there’s no word on when the highly-sought PSN feature will be implemented. Developers indicated that they must double back if old games are to function with the PSN name changes. The original implementation of PSN IDs (which linked IDs to usernames), requires a look back at old multiplayer games. This would require some additional time and labor.

Since the inception of PlayStation Network, users have enviously peered over at Xbox and their ever-changing identities. So much time has passed (12 years) that kids are now adults. Hence, the mind that informed the stupid name of yesteryear comes back to haunt the grown-up every time they boot up their PS4 console. Even if there’d be a fee for a name change, like at Xbox, it’d be too small to eliminate the bad memories associated with the previous ID.

Last year, Sony CEO Shawn Layden told Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller that fans wouldn’t have to ask about PSN name changes by this year’s PSX. PSX was canceled last week, which led many to believe Layden would save face and ignore the topic altogether. But if sources speak the truth, PlayStation users may finally get what they asked for, this year.

SOURCE: Kotaku