Discord Store Beta Open For Business

One More Place to Buy Games

The Discord store is up and running, at least in a beta state. Users can now peruse a small selection of games, including a few that are coming to Discord first. The Nitro subscription service has also gotten a boost, with their games library growing to 60 titles.

Discord Store open beta

Between the Nitro system and the storefront, Discord is turning into yet another destination for players to get easy access to games. Nitro in particular looks like a convenient portal to just, a whole mess of indie games. They have all the Trines! Plus everything Edmund McMillen has ever made, System Shock 2, Torchlight and Psychonauts.

In other words, Steam is on its way to relinquishing the crown. Soon people will have a bevy of viable options for buying cool games online that don’t pump more money directly into Valve’s massive coffers. This marketplace landscape is already starting to take shape, but it’s heartening to see things move further in that direction. You can check out the Discord store along with that Nitro service here.