Red Dead Redemption 2 Demo Gets Some Criticism for Being Boring

20 Minutes of Wild West Realism Wasn’t Universally Enjoyed

At the 2018 GME conference, lucky attendees were treated to an all-new preview of Red Dead Redemption 2. While we’ve already been treated to a gameplay segment, this demo lasted a full twenty minutes. A vocal minority then posted that, during that 20-minutes demo, they were bored.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of this year’s most highly anticipated games, which is why boredom is not a word you want to associate with the IP. Comments from the conference are available on a Reddit, where those in attendance claimed they saw an early heist, a shootout, and more of the environment. Some might have said the demo looked boring, but many are still excited about the game.

“Game looked great but what they chose to show for the first 20 minutes was very boring and not what you would want to show to the people who you want hyped about your game,” said Redditor dutrank. “Don’t get me wrong. I still think the game will be fantastic, just the demo was kinda boring to watch.”

“Shootout looked decent, the bank heist was slowly paced,” said user WDC combo. “The game will be great and sell like mad but the demo they showed was really dry.”

“I may have fallen asleep very briefly. While it looked gorgeous, it was just so slow and boring,” said Teenage_Spy.

“To give a little context, everyone was exhausted from the week and it’s the last thing they showed us,” said user 1001mistakes, adding context to the showcase. “I nodded for a minute but the game is beautiful. The world looks so meticulously constructed and the demo was a flawless example of the mechanics, world, and physics the game has to offer. I didn’t play the first one and had zero excitement for the game going into it but came out stoked on getting it.”

An entire compilation of negative feedback is available at Wccftech. It was user Black_Static who claimed people with mixed feelings were a “vocal minority” at the event. Everyone else is impressed by the physics and the graphics. They went so far as to say the game easily competes with God of War and Spider-Man. That’s pretty high praise for a game that, thus far, has only previewed snippets. That said, now seems like an okay time to admit that 100% of a game won’t entertain 100% of players. The people who criticized the demo seemed off-put by Rockstar’s slow pacing.

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SOURCE: GamingBolt