Psyonix and Hot Wheels Team Up For Even More Rocket League DLC

Anniversary DLC Pack Coming to Rocket League This Weekend

Developer Psyonix and Hot Wheels toy manufacturer Mattel is celebrating 50 years of Hot Wheels by announcing the Hot Wheels Triple Threat DLC Pack for Rocket League. It will be available on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, Mac, and Steam on September 24th for only $5.99.

A new trailer can be seen below:

The DLC Pack comes with three Premium Battle-Cars: The Gazella GT, MR11, and Fast 4WD. Each car will come with four unique decals and various wheels to choose from, as well as Gorilla, Snake, and Spider Toppers to customize with.

Free content for all Rocket League players — regardless of whether you download the new pack or not — will also be available that day. This includes a New Hot Wheels Rivals Arena and a bunch of 50th Anniversary-themed customization items.

Rocket League Hot Wheels DLC

Also announced is that the physical Hot Wheels Rocket League 5-Pack is coming to select stores sometime in the middle of October. The five cars — The Gazella GT, MR11, Fast 4WD, Bone Shaker, and Twin Mill III — are being given the Hot Wheels treatment and can be purchased as real toy cars. Bundled within each pack is a digital code that unlocks the exclusive DLC item, Hot Hot Wheels, for use in Rocket League.

You can find out more about the DLC pack on the official website.

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SOURCE: Press Release