Kingdom Hearts 3 Theme Is a Skrillex and Utada Hikaru Collaboration

Kingdom Hearts 3’s Theme Is a Unique Collaboration

Square Enix just confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3’s opening theme, called “Face My Fears,” is a collaboration between Grammy Award-winning artist Skrillex and longtime series theme musician Utada Hikaru. Not only that, producer Poo Bear, who co-wrote many of Justin Bieber’s hits, also worked on the track.

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Apparently, Kingdom Hearts fan Skrillex intended to collaborate with Hikaru to remix “Don’t Think Twice,” which is a previously revealed Kingdom Hearts 3 track. But their music evolved into a new track, which will be released Jan. 18, 2019 along with “Don’t Think Twice.”

Series creator Tetsuya Nomura has not commented on the track, although he has previously stated that Kingdom Hearts 3 will differentiate itself from previous iterations through its size and scale.

“As we can now render the worlds in much more subtlety, the level of detail that is put in to them is almost impossible to compare to the previous games,” he said. “In order to get the most out of each individual resource, we prioritized making each world more detailed over adding more of them this time round.

“I think that by putting more emphasis into expanding the vertical aspect of the different levels, it gives a greater feeling that the space you play in has expanded,” he added. “It is not really possible to do a simple comparison and say how many times bigger the worlds are compared to past ones, but I do think that you can have even more fun exploring all the different nooks and crannies than ever before.”

Kingdom Hearts 3 is set for release January 25, 2019.