Pete Hines Promises Fallout 76 Gameplay Soon

Hundreds of Hours of Gameplay

Pete Hines the Bethesda Boy took to Twitter to announce that Fallout 76 gameplay footage in inbound. It seemsĀ  like a select group of players are being given extra early access to the game, the results of which they’ll be posting online very soon. Hines promised “hundreds (!!!) of hours of gameplay” will be out in the wild very soon.

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This Twitter post also came with a detailed B.E.T.A. FAQ, which you can check out here. The document contains details like the download size of said beta, availability times, and whether your progress will carry over to the full game.

What he didn’t mention was when this footage was arriving, or who was selected to capture it, or how they were chosen. While the B.E.T.A. is not under any sort of NDA, it seems that this early access event is wrapped up as tight as an oil drum. Hopefully the footage everyone was allowed to capture will answer some questions. A lot of players have been steeped with concerns, while Bethesda has been all reassurances and super serious promises of fun. Will Fallout 76 be the fantastic experience we’re all hoping for, or is this just going to be a cascading series of devastating nuclear detonations?