Guys Guys Guys It’s A Cat Metroid Game

Stop The Presses You Fools

Gato Roboto debuted at PAX West this weekend and hot damn it looks adorable. Also it’s a cat Metroid game! I was sold the moment I discovered this. Plus the announcement trailer from Devolver Digital makes a pretty good argument, if the premise doesn’t instantly hook you.

Gato Roboto cat metroid game

The Metroid influences are so strong as to be legally troubling, as seen in the screenshot above. That is most definitely a cat in Samus Aran’s iconic suit. Although the gameplay footage doesn’t run to this same litigious conclusion, the roots of Gato Roboto are pretty clear. Which is fine! The demand for cats and Metroid games is more or less inexhaustible.

We don’t have an exact release date for Gato Roboto yet, though it’s slated for the PC and theĀ  Nintendo Switch sometime next year. Beyond the adorable premise, the gameplay itself is quite promising. There’s platforming, sweet abilities, pleasant music and delicious Metroid-style exploration. Hopefully we get more info soon. Meanwhile, check out the trailer below!

SOURCE: Press Release