Capcom Cutbacks in Vancouver Lead to $40 Million Loss & Dead Rising Downscale

Capcom Is Prioritizing Other Projects

Capcom has laid off quite a few employees in Canada, to the detriment of the next Dead Rising. After reducing the size of its Vancouver studio earlier this year, a decision that led to the cancellation of a game in progress, the publisher projected a cost $40 million under the “cost of sales” for the “six months of the fiscal year ending March 31, 2019.”

Dead rising 4 baseball bat

The decision will also result in the next Dead Rising experience facing a cutback in scope, according to Kotaku. As for the canceled game,  it was reportedly a third-person action game set in an alternate reality New York. Whatever the reason behind the cutbacks, Capcom believes the sacrifice will offset “the production of world-class content” at other studios. The company has a constant pipeline of games in development, which suggests their upcoming projects may dwarf the potential of the Dead Rising studio, which witnessed a third of its employees get laid off.

Despite its resource redistribution, Capcom still has a bright financial forecast. The success of Monster Hunter: World has bolstered the company’s financial results, which fall in line with their projections back in May.

“Regarding Capcom’s full-year business forecast, due to factors including the continued robust performance of the PC version of Monster Hunter: World exceeding the company’s expectations since its release on the Steam platform in August, following the blockbuster performance of the title after its initial release in January of this year, the forecast for Capcom’s consolidated business results remains the same as what was projected at the financial results announcement on May 8, 2018,” a press release stated.

Monster Hunter: World is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Next year, we can look forward to Resident Evil 2 in January and Devily May Cry 5 in Spring.

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