The Original Resident Evil on PlayStation Is Being Sold for $4,500

Can’t Put a Price on Nostalgia

eBay is a wild west compared to most seller outlets, and that’s because you find the most amazing (or ridiculous) things at outstanding prices. Every now and again, a gem will pop up, and the latest is a copy of the original Resident Evil, which has been listed for the price of $4,500.

This copy of Resident Evil is being sold by seller bighedkingpinWhile you may think this is another crackpot deal, this PlayStation 1 copy of the horror classic is completely sealed in its original plastic. Officially, it’s condition is categorized as ‘GM’ for ‘Gem Mint condition.’ Which means, picking up the game would be like picking up a new copy from a store back in 1996, the difference being that you wouldn’t shell out thousands of dollars back in the day.

A little FYI for the keen collector who may have their eye on this product. The seller has also provided the option to pay for the game through 24 monthly installments of $188. Even the biggest of gaming addicts might scoff at the $4,500 price tag. However, the most hardcore Resident Evil superfan might not think twice. After all, memories and nostalgia have a tendency to make something priceless.

Other classic games in the seller’s arsenal include Super Mario KartMega Man, and Final Fantasy 2 for the SNES. All of them sealed.

Is there a classic title that would convince you to shell out thousands of dollars? Let us know in the comments below.