New Let’s Go Pokemon Videos Loaded With Charm

They All Look So Cute Following You Around

I was as disappointed as the next old-ass Pokemon junkie to find out that battling wild Pokemon wasn’t going to be in these games. Mindlessly grinding away at low-level beasts is practically an institution in the Pokemon franchise. However, the sight of Graveler and Caterpie following you around is helping to change my mind. Maybe the Let’s Go Pokemon games won’t be so bad after all?

go pokemon let's go pikachu let's go eevee

Although it was previously mentioned that each and every Pokemon in the game would be able to tag along behind you, seeing a bunch of them actually do it puts a different face on things. It seems like a lot of little touches are being added to make sure that these game feel as lively and rich as possible.

I’m still a bit salty about the lack of wild battles, but I might be convinced to check out these games anyway if they’re as charming as these videos make them out to be. More importantly, how many Pokemon can you ride around on? Besides Onix on land and Lapras by sea, there must be a wide variety of pocket monsters big enough to ride around the map. It would warm my icy heart to able to hop on Gyarados like a friggin sea dragon.