Dark and Sinister Trailer for Castlevania Season 2 Debuts

New Season of Castlevania Will Premiere Near Halloween Time

Today, Netflix has released their first trailer for the second season of animated show Castlevania. The trailer previews Dracula on his mad quest to rid the world of humans. In the desperate attempt to stop him, we witness the return of last season’s characters: Sypha, Trevor, and Alucard, who are playable characters in the titular video game.

Netflix Castlevania

For many, the first season of Castlevania on Netflix turned out to be a surprise hit. While it presented a great story, an immaculate visual style, and compelling characters, it was too short to be considered, technically speaking, binge-worthy –. Combined, the runtime of four episodes amounted to less than two hours of content. Nevertheless, the provided content left audiences vying for more. The brief season may have been Netflix’s method of testing the waters before investing in a lengthy animated show. It worked because here we are.

Castlevania Season 2 will arrive on October 26th. Judging by the trailer, we can expect all of the fast-paced and gory animations that lured audiences to the first season. Perhaps, the popularity of the animated show will spur Konami to reboot the video game franchise in some capacity. In recent news pertaining to Konami, the company revealed they were reinvesting in video game development. Expect relevant updates as new info arrives.

Happy gaming.