The PlayStation Store Golden Week Sale Is Now Live

We See Great Discounts on Many Great Games From Japan

Another week of deals has hit the PlayStation Store. Alongside the previously revealed Double Discount Sale, the library has been expanded through to the Golden Week Sale. A gigantic list of worthwhile games and discounts are now available for your perusal.

Nier automata ins1

Since there are a substantial amount of titles in this week’s deals, which is always a good thing, we’re here to bring you the highlights. If you hop on over to the page, you’ll note a cascade of JRPGs on sale, but chief among them is Persona 5 – You can now purchase the game for $25.79. However, another great RPG is available in the form of Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition. This copy gives you everything in the Season Pass and then some, and it’s available for $39.99.

But a more recent game is available in the form of Monster Hunter World. Capcom’s stellar title witnesses its first major discount and is now available for $47.99. If you want to try your hands at another gem of an RPG, there’s also NieR: Automata discounted to $35.99. The list goes on and on with deals on some of the best games straight out of Japan. Check out the entire list of titles on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 by visiting the page here.

You have until May 8, 8:00 AM PT to take advantage of PlayStation Store deals. Stay tuned for more video game deals and updates as times goes on. We’ll have more of the latest. If you just so happen to own an Xbox One, this week’s Deals with Gold was also announced earlier today.

Happy shopping.