Nintendo Is Getting a New Boss

The Current Company President Is Going to Step Down and Become a Nintendo Consultant

Nintendo’s current company president,┬áTatsumi Kimishima, is going to step down but will take on a role as a consultant for the company, according to an official announcement that was made on Thursday. The announcement was reported by Nikkei, a Japanese news outlet.

Kimishima became company president after the previous president, Satoru Iwata, passed away in 2015.


Shuntaro Furukawa is going to be the next president of Nintendo and has a long history with the company. He joined Nintendo back in 1994 and has had various roles throughout his employment at the game company. Furukawa is described by Nikkei as someone “who is familiar with creating an effective sales plan such as formulation of the timing of introducing new products”.

Kimishima explained that Furukawa was picked not only for his business prowess but also his relatively young age. Kimishima is 68 years old while his upcoming replacement, Furukawa, is 46. Kimishima thinks that the company needs to be able to relate to a younger generation in order to continue to be successful.

Other news: The sales of the Nintendo Switch have reportedly reached 15 million units.