Netflix to Switch Production Focus to Sci-Fi and Fantasy Series

The Most Popular Streaming Platform Is Becoming More Geek Friendly

Looks like fans of the Sci-fi and Fantasy genres will have to subscribe to Netflix soon if they haven’t done so already. Apparently, the platform is ramping up production of the two genres, which shall become a mainstay for the foreseeable future.

Netflix Castlevania

Sci-fi and Fantasy have become the most popular genres on the Netflix streaming service, according to Ampere Analysis (via business insider). Data for Q1 2018 indicates a peaked interest; therefore, the company is allocating revenue to meet encroaching demand. Previously, Comedy garnered the most attention on the platform, but we’re witnessing a shift in what brings back viewers. No surprise, considering the buzz around shows like Stranger ThingsBlack Mirror, and Altered Carbon.

Specifically, Ampere Analysis believes Sci-fi and Fantasy series shall comprise 29% of the original content we see on Netflix. 2018 saw the release of films like Cloverfield Paradox, and, more recently, a remake of the 1960s Lost in Space, both of which were responses to the popularity of Stranger Things. As for the form of new Fantasy shows, our closest glimpse lies in the greenlighting of the new Witcher series. Not to mention, we’re currently awaiting Season 2 of Castlevania.

Time will tell what kind of television library will result from Netflix’s new focus. But, we can be sure that competition with the rising budget of other platforms shall ensure quality.