Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom Fest Brings New Blade & Skins

Monster Hunter World Is Now Jam-Packed With Event Quests

The Monster Hunter World Spring Blossom Fest has kicked off, and all new quests and rewards have been made available. In other words, Capcom have given players plenty reason to come back. In addition to new quests and rewards, the Gathering Hub has witnessed a grand touch of decoration. You can see what’s in store by logging in.

Over the course of the month, when you log into Monster Hunter World, you will receive two Lucky Vouchers in lieu of one. In conjunction with vouchers, you will receive fireworks and event-exclusive tickets. But there’s far, far, far more to look forward to this month. Primarily, Capcom has debuted the new Wyvern Ignition Great Sword.

In order to earn the crafting materials for the Wyvern Ignition Great Sword, you must go to Event Quests and complete “Every Hunter’s Dream.” New quests also come in the form of “Scrapping with the Shamos” and “A Flash in the Pan.” Of course, there are many more rewards you can achieve through different event quests, like the very special “Snow and Cherry Blossoms” quest. The Mega Man Palico set is available, and the Horizon: Zero Dawn Aloy and Palico skins have made a return. Not to mention, we’re witnessing the return of the tempered Deviljho quest.

The Spring Blossom Fest represents Monster Hunter World’s first Seasonal event and the game’s biggest in-game event of the year thus far. Stay tuned for additional updates from Capcom as time goes by.

Happy hunting.