Geralt & Chill: Netflix’s ‘The Witcher’ Is Going to Be 8 Episodes Long

Netflix’s The Witcher Adaptation Might Launch in 2020

The upcoming Netflix adaptation of the critically-acclaimed RPG series “The Witcher” is going to be eight episodes long and will be filmed in Eastern Europe, according to the show’s writer and executive producer, Lauren S. Hissrich.

the witcher 3

Hissrich tweeted that the decision to make the premiere season of Netflix’s The Witcher adaptation only eight episodes long was to make the show “tight, action-packed, rich in character and story, without lagging in the middle of the season.”

Hissrich also tweeted that the 2020 date is not set in in stone:

Hissrich also confirmed that the show will be filmed in Eastern Europe, tweeting that “This show couldn’t exist anyplace else. Period.”

Hissrich has stated in the past that Netflix’s adaptation won’t be “watered down” from the source material. She’s also said that she’s looking at several novels written by The Witcher series author, Andrzej Sapkowski.