Dontnod’s ‘Vampyr’ Gets a New Dramatic Story Trailer

The Third-Person Vampire RPG Is Set in Early 20th Century London

The new trailer for Vampyr that was released on Thursday shows us more about the game’s protagonist, Jonathan Reid, and his peculiar…”condition”. Check out the new trailer below!

The game’s setting is London circa 1918 and a Spanish flu epidemic is ravaging the city. According to statistics, over 220,000 people in Britain died of the Spanish flu during the epidemic.

Reid is a British WW1 veteran who gets turned into a vampire after returning home from the war and, after becoming a vampire, discovers a secret society of monsters that exists in London. Throughout the game, Reid will try figure out the mystery of who turned him into a vampire and why he was turned into one in the first place.

The gameplay involves hunting down people in order to sate Reid newfound taste for blood and the targets that Reid can feast on all have their own lives and routines. According to the developers, every death has a significant impact on the story.

There’s also an upgrade system but you can only upgrade Reid if you commit to being a bloodsucker (literally). However, it is possible to beat the entire game without ever killing anyone. A pacifist playthrough unlocks one of the four different endings of the game.

Reid can use various melee weapons and firearms in combat and there’s also a parrying, dodging and combos.┬áThe game’s enemies include aristocratic vampires known as “Ekon”, sewer-based vampires known as “Skals”, vampires called “Nemrod” who hunt their fellow vampires and a vampire breed that look like werewolves called “The Vulkod”. There’s even a secret clan of vampire hunters known as “The Guard of Priwen”.

Vampyr is scheduled to come out on June 5th for the PC, Xbox One and PS4.