Astro Making Switch Headsets For This Holiday Season

For All That Online Switch Gaming You Do

I’m a little torn over this one. On the one hand, these Switch headsets from Astro look real cool. On the other hand, I don’t do any online gaming on the Switch. Also, what online games does the Nintendo Switch even have? They exist, right?

Astro Switch Headsets

If nothing else, these headsets look pretty rad. Astro is releasing three different versions for the holiday season. You’ve got Mario, Zelda and more Mario to choose from. Each of the three sets are based on a different NES game, meaning that I am squarely in the target audience for this particular product. Yet I hate playing games online. Does this mean I have to start playing that way? On the Switch, no less?

Each of the headsets come with three different sets of speaker tags, allowing you to customize the specific retro look you’re going for. Sadly, this kind of customization is less for you than the people around you, as you can’t see this stuff while you’re wearing the headset. Also, none of the three games pictured are ones you can play on the Switch. When will we get the Virtual Console back, Nintendo? When??? There’s no release date yet for these delightful accessories, but they’re currently scheduled for a holiday release this year.

SOURCE: Press Release