Get Excited for PSVR’s Moss, a Fantasy World Available Now

Behold PSVR’s next Great Fantasy Experience

This is a very simple premise. Players take on a role as themselves, and their ultimate goal is helping the star character, Quill, find the right path to prosperity. Here’s a Fantasy title that places players in the middle of immersion, environing everyone with a narrative that fully utilizes PSVR features. It’s okay, you don’t have to hold back tears. Presenting Moss available for PSVR today.


Moss fits into the gaming genres of Action and Puzzle-Platformer through its inclusion of head-scratchers in an epic adventure. You are the guiding light for Quill, the mouse hero, and mysteries lurk around every corner. As you’re solving these mysteries, you can simultaneously inhale the IPs artistic polish. Since this title was built for VR, it may prove to be the most immersive game you’ve ever played. With more than 20 global awards and nominations, Moss also represents one of 2018’s most highly anticipated titles.

Developed by Polyarc, Moss is only available on PSVR. Find it on Amazon today by clicking the link. And as soon as the game is in your console, you can immediately fasten that headset and begin manipulating a fantasy world. There’s plenty of fun combat and exploration to be had until the next great VR title comes our way.

SOURCE: Press Release