Total War: Rome 2 Is Getting a Free All-Female Update

Update Arrives with New Desert Culture Pack

You were probably just thinking about how you needed more kingdoms to manage in Total War: Rome 2. Creative Assembly’s got you covered with the latest culture pack announced today. New factions are being added to the empire roster, each with their own hardy warriors forged by the desert. You can make them your own on March 8th.

The Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack coming to Rome 2 provides 4 individualized factions. This means more units, more skill trees, and more buildings. There are plenty of additional nuances to discover through The Kingdoms of Kush, Saba, and Nabatea of the African/Arabian subculture, and the Masaesyli of Numidia.If you want a better look at these factions and their units, you only have to catch the latest gameplay footage below. It’s a wild desert ride.

Furthermore, there’s an additional update coming to Total War: Rome 2. Among a full cast of female generals and leaders, players will receive Cleopatra and Teuta. It’s the era of warrior women in the next imperial update, so expect some changes to the base game at no additional cost. Naturally, it’s worth noting that women can take on different roles depending on their faction. For the update full notes, you can visit the Total War website.

Until March 8th, the Desert Kingdoms DLC can be purchased at a discount Steam. If you’re interested in more projects from Creative Assembly, you can check out our Thrones of Britannia preview. Until more news comes our way,

Happy gaming.

SOURCE: Press Release