Mario Getting 30 Years of History In an Encyclopedia

256 Pages of Goombas, Mushrooms and Mustaches

Dark Horse has had plenty of success gathering the Legend of Zelda franchise into a set of sweet books. Next, the publisher will be cramming thirty years of Mario history into a single volume with the Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia. Hot damn, that’s a lot of Mario!

Mario Encyclopedia

The book, covering every major Mario game from 1985 to 2015, will cover more or less all things Mario. I mean, with 256 pages they’re bound to miss a thing or two (such as Mario Odyssey), but that’s fine. The book will still be crammed full of enemy bios, glitches, level layouts and collectibles. Like, where to find them all? I think 256 pages might not be enough space.

The Mario Encyclopedia is set for release on October 23rd. Hopefully there will also be a sweet collector’s edition, although one has yet to be announced. I for one look forward to finding shelf space for this bright yellow tome on the former plumber on his decades of gaming adventures.