Konami Apologizes for Metal Gear Solid V Nuke Disarmament Fiasco

A Special Scene in MGSV Was Triggered Accidentally Two Weeks Ago

Konami has finally gotten to the bottom of why a special scene in Metal Gear Solid V was triggered prematurely two weeks ago. On Tuesday, the official Metal Gear Solid Twitter account explained what Konami’s investigation found.

According to the tweets, their investigation found that the game’s servers for the PC version of the game “were sent incorrect values” which made it appear as if the game’s entire player base owned zero nukes.

In MGSV, there is an online mode called “F.O.B.” or Forward Operating Base that allows players to build up their own bases with their own soldiers and infrastructure.

Players can even develop and own in-game nuclear weapons and can also steal these nukes from the bases of other players online.

In order for the special cutscene to have been properly triggered, every nuke that every player owns would have to be deactivated and this can only be done manually.

Players can either dismantle their own nukes or invading players can sneak aboard the bases of other players in online mode and disarm the nukes after stealing them. However, when the cutscene triggered, there were still players who owned nuclear weapons on their in-game bases. 

“We have implemented a series of counter measures during today’s server maintenance to resolve this issue,” the tweets continued, “and prevent this from happening in the future.”

“We apologize to all our players, and thank you again for your patience.”

To any MGSV players out there: do you ever plan on disarming your nukes? Would making this virtual world nuke-free be worth a special cutscene? Or are you still a big believer in nuclear deterrence?

Tell us about your decision in the comments below!