Switch Version Of Disc Jam Launching Alongside Massive Update

New Game Modes, For Starters

Disc Jam is coming to the Nintendo Switch next month, which is great news! Even better news is that the game will be launching on the Switch with a host of new features. Specifically, new game modes and a new character for a more varied disc-jamming experience!

Disc Jam

So what’s the big deal about Disc Jam’s Switch version? Well, if you and your friends all have consoles, you can do some four-player local multiplayer. You can also get into some cross-platform play between the Switch and the PC versions of the game. This is all well and good, but every version is also getting the aforementioned new content. We’ll be Ranked Leagues and Seasons on the multiplayer end, along with a Solo Gauntlet mode. There’s also going to be a new character, a South American volleyball player named Lannie.

If you’re not caught up on your 21st-century disc sports, the premise here is quite simple. The sport is sort of a combination of table tennis and air hockey. There’s some unique abilities at play, along with an explosion or two. The original launch trailer for the game is embedded below. Kind of puts all that Frisbee stuff to shame, huh?

SOURCE: Press Release