Mega Man 11 Finally Coming in 2018

Oh My God, Finally

Capcom announced a new Mega Man game during today’s 30th anniversary stream. Mega Man 11 is coming to all the relevant systems sometime in late 2018! Finally, a new game that isn’t just a collection of titles from over ten years ago!

Mega Man 11

The image above was snagged from the art collection in Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 earlier this year. Fans were pretty sure it hinted towards a new project in the works, and it turns out they were right! Pictured above is the Blue Bomber himself sporting one of the new powers stolen from a defeated Robot Master. During the many plays of the trailer throughout the stream, it looks like a power somehow related to blocks and their manipulation. Neat!

Unfortunately, there’s no concrete release date at this time. Someone from the Capcom team hinted at a proper release date coming next summer. It’s a long while to wait for more information, but hopefully we’ll get a lot more sweet-looking footage in the meantime. Until then, you can check out the trailer below. The graphics are a bit of a departure, but we can’t keep riding that 8-bit train forever. I’m looking forward to yet another version of Doctor Wily to beat up next year.