Phil Spencer Takes a Seat at the Adults Table of Microsoft as EVP of Gaming

Phil Spencer is Moving Up The Corporate Ladder

Back in September, Xbox Division head Phil Spencer joined Microsoft’s senior leadership team as Executive Vice President of Gaming. In an interview with Dualshockers, Xbox Games Marketing General Manager Aaron Greenberg had insight on the importance of this promotion.

Greenberg mentioned that Spencer’s appointment and the fact that he now reports directly to Chief Executive Officer Satya Nadella shows the strategic importance of gaming for Microsoft as a whole, and is a reflection of the “great work” that the team has done. Xbox has been working overtime on new dashboards for the Xbox, cross-gaming for Windows 10 and Xbox, and has built up the Xbox gaming community.

Phil Spencer

While it’s hard for Greenberg to say what kind of changes this will bring at Xbox, but with Phil Spencer as the showrunner of gaming for Microsoft now sitting in the same meetings and doing the same reviews with the CEO and all of the most senior executives of the company is definitely a good thing, Greenberg says.

According to Greenberg, Xbox is a “great consumer brand” and an “incredible service with Xbox Live,” delivering games and services across many different devices. Add in the increased social interactions with other gamers, and investments in Mixer for streaming and chatting makes sense for Microsoft. With a direct line to the CEO’s ear, Phil Spencer should have an easy time streamlining changes for the better.