Super Mario Odyssey Does amiibo Content Right, It Seems

amiibo Content Can Be Unlocked In-Game

We’ve all gotten pretty used to this amiibo racket by now. Nintendo reveals a hot new game, this is inevitably followed by a new wave of figures, those figures in turn unlock content in the game. For Super Mario Odyssey, Nintendo is changing their strategy regarding amiibo content.

Mario Odyssey amiibo content

Unlike previous symbiotic game/figure relationships, Odyssey’s amiibo outfits can be unlocked in the game itself. Imagine that! What a¬†wonderful idea, allowing players to unlock cool extra content through gameplay instead of separate purchases.

The amiibos in question are a set of three figures all decked out in… wedding gear? Both Mario and Bowser are in tuxedos, while Princess Peach is in a wedding dress. Each of the outfits unlocks a different power, in addition to raising some super unsettling questions about the plot. Are Mario and Bowser competing to see who gets to marry Peach? Are they… are they both going to marry her? The fan fiction that will be born out of this (no doubt utterly innocuous) plot development causes the mind to reel back in horror. The amiibo will be available either in a set or for individual purchase. Super Mario Odyssey is hitting the Nintendo Switch on October 27th, 2017.