Jesus Revealed as Final Fighter as Fight of Gods Hits Early Access

I Kick Ass for The Lord

The Early Access Steam fighting game, Fight of Gods, looks tailor-made for meme chuckles as you’ll see Buddha forgo pacifism to kick Odin in the shins. In the final character trailer before the game launched on Early Access, Jesus appears and as the trailer says, “He’s crossed.” Amen.

Fight of Gods
The game is still in development, but you can pick it up for less than $10 on Steam. “We currently anticipate a period of 6-9 months, but we won’t be leaving Early Access until we are fully happy with all of our mechanics and balancing,” its developer, Digital Crafter, reveals on the Steam page. Surprisingly, Fight of Gods is sitting at Very Positive rating with 80 reviews at this time. Most reviewers were drawn in by the game’s inherent silliness but found the fighting to be better than expected.

As for Nazareth’s most famous son? He appears to have a mix of Rekka-style combos and pillars of light to convert his foes into a KO’d status. It’s also worth noting Jesus got abs and uses remnants of the cross nailed to his hands as gauntlets. Again, the developers aren’t aiming authenticity. And hey, unlike Street Fighter V, there’s an arcade mode. I’m praying we’ll get a Twitch stream where a pastor takes on a monk with gods of their religion in the game.

Fight of Gods is out now on Early Access for Steam. Here’s hoping the future updates will include the Flying Spaghetti Monster.