Destiny 2’s New Single-Use Armor Shaders Are Upsetting Players

Guardians Hoping for Destiny 2 to Return to Original’s Permanent Armor Shader System

Destiny 2 made its debut today on consoles, and while servers have been keeping up with the heavy influx of eager Guardians, players are upset upon discovering that Bungie has made Armor Shaders to be single-use consumables instead of permanent alternative colors in the original.

destiny 2 beta hunter arcstrider

The armor-recoloring items would give a new splash of color to your entire outfit in the first game, but it benefitted greatly in that the shaders stayed in your inventory upon unlocking them. This made switching up colors for your Guardian to feel less daunting as you always had the option to go back to your favorite look. However, the Destiny 2 does offer more complexity by allowing for individual armor pieces to be colored separately, but it comes at the cost of being single-use in the sequel. Instead, players are expected to gather Armor Shaders in bulk. It’s especially shady considering the first game already set up the idea that these Shaders are unlocks rather than single-use items.

Over on Destiny‘s official subreddit, a few of the top posts are outraged about this change as one such post calls for players to not spend a cent on microtransactions until the game restore shaders to its permanent glory. As players note, they feel slightly betrayed as the sequel offers plenty of quality of life improvements while this change feels like a slimy way to drive up microtransactions.

Destiny 2 is out now for PS4 and Xbox One, and heads to PC on October 24th.

Source: Reddit