Take a Look Back at Kirby’s Catalog in This Anniversary Trailer

Nintendo is Celebrating the Pink Puffball In Style

While Nintendo franchises like Mario, Zelda, and Metroid get all the spotlight, it’s easy to forget that Kirby has also been around for 25 years — probably eating the scraps up from the rest. Nintendo is celebrating the occasion with a cool new Anniversary trailer that journeys through every game, including next years’ still untitled entry.

You can see it for yourself right above. It’s definitely interesting looking back at each Kirby iteration from the Game Boy to the Nintendo Switch and see how much the series has evolved over time and across different platforms. Arguably, we suppose the same could be said about how little the series has evolved too. There are some risk-taking endeavours, however, like the incredible Kirby’s Canvas Curse and Kirby’s Air Ride. The series has always been a bit of a mixed bag but Nintendo sure loves experimenting with him. It’s also impressive seeing how he has graced nearly all Nintendo consoles and handhelds, something that can’t be said for, oh we don’t know…Metroid.

Kirby Switch

The Kirby 25th Anniversary Sale is still running until Thursday so make sure you snag them now for a decent price before they skyrocket back up. The sale is offering slashed prices on many 3DS and WiiU titles.

Nintendo announced a new Kirby game coming to the Nintendo Switch during E3 in June. It will arrive sometime in 2018. In the mean time, why not let us know what your favourite game in the series is in the comments below.