Harmonix Keeps Rock Band 4 Alive With New Season Spotlight Pass

Rock Band 4 Keeps On Rocking On

We never thought we’d ever write another Rock Band news story again either but alas, here we are. In a rather surprising move, Harmonix has announced the Season 2 Spotlight Pass for Rock Band 4.

Those who purchase the Season 2 Spotlight Pass “will be granted a permanent entitlement to whichever new release is featured as a Spotlight Song in that week’s Rivals Mode challenge (a total of eight songs).” So you’ve been out of the Rock Band 4 loop lately and don’t have a clue what that all meant? Basically, for eight straight weeks, players will receive and permanently own whatever new song is attached to the Rivals Mode challenge.

You see, when the Rock Band Rivals expansion came out a year ago it introduced week-to-week challenges for players and their crews to compete for the highest score. These challenges consisted of two tracks that everyone already had access to from the disc and one track from Rock Band 4’s incredibly vast DLC catalogue. Only the most hardcore of fans would buy the DLC song just so they could brag about their high score to everyone else. Hey, if you wanted to prove that you’re the best, sometimes you gotta pay up. Is that a saying? Well, it is now.

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The Season 2 Spotlight Pass, more or less, is designed for the hardcore group essentially rewarding them for playing consistently and saving them a couple dollars in the process. Some may frown at not knowing what the eight songs are going to be, but for the high score getters, it isn’t about the song, it’s about the pursuit of being the best (That’s gotta be a saying too!).

The Spotlight Pass will be available on August 24th for $13.50 on PS4 and Xbox One. Let us know what you think about the Spotlight Pass by leaving us a comment below.