Dark Fantasy Tactical RPG The Iron Oath Looks Fresh to Death

Initial Footage for The Iron Oath Has an Irresistible Dark Fantasy Flavor

Fantasy games are great, but sometimes you need an escapist adventure with a little more weight. You want your souls, your dungeons, your quests to be a little on the darker side. That’s where The Iron Oath comes in.

The Iron Oath

Currently being developed by Curious Panda games, this title continues the dungeon-exploration revival of the last few years. The Darkest Dungeon influences are strong here, with your choices inside and outside the dungeons carrying significant weight. Although there’s slightly less chance of your party going crazy, the stakes are high regardless. Rather than a deep dive into a single location, The Iron Oath is an adventure on a larger scale. Cities and factions can rise up or crumble depending on how you proceed through the game. Your guild of adventurers will also be different every playthrough, depending on who retires or dies along the way.

The game’s Kickstarter campaign is about halfway to it’s $45,000 goal, with final delivery of the finished product expected in the spring of 2019. If the trailer’s blend of 2D pixel art, tactical combat and dynamic narrative development have you interested, you can check out the campaign page here. Meanwhile, check out some gameplay!

SOURCE: Press Release