Throw Huge Music Festivals with Concerts, The Next Cities: Skylines Expansion

Add a Little Live Music to Your Metropolis in Newest Expansion for Cities: Skylines

The newest expansion for Cities: Skylines is going to let you throw concerts in your cities! The expansion, appropriately titled Concerts, is available right now for the PC version of the game.

Cities: Skylines Concerts

Who doesn’t love concerts? Crazy people and the deaf, that’s who. Players will be able to control all the tiny details that surround festivals and concerts. When they happen, where they happen, what kind of parking violations get handed out and how badly traffic is clogged all factor into the addition of live music in a city.

At present, there are three acts plugged into the expansion: NESTOR, Elijah MOTi and Lily La Roux. Not a bad roster for a seven-dollar add-on. Even if these artists aren’t your thing, modders will almost certainly be adding more in the near future. This rad little portal to parties, pumping tunes and various municipal headaches is out today for PC, Mac and Linux. Check out the launch trailer below!

SOURCE: Press Release