AtGames Responds to SEGA Genesis Flashback Negative Reception, Explaining Faulty Review Units

AtGames Responds to SEGA Genesis Flashback Negative Reception, Placing the Critical Reviews on Faulty Units

The SEGA Genesis Flashback negative reception was thrown onto the public at full-force, however, the console’s manufacturer, AtGames, has been attempting to clear up the criticism by claiming that the review units that were given out were faulty and seemed to be experiencing issues upon distribution. Following along with the recent booming popularity of retro “micro-consoles,” the upcoming revamp of a combination of classic SEGA consoles, aptly named the SEGA Genesis Flashback, was set to bring a beautiful library filled with SEGA Genesis games directly into the homes of consumers later in the year.

Sega Genesis Flashback box


Manufacturer AtGames provided a statement to Kotaku about the criticism and huge waves of negative feedback that have been surrounding the console, addressing that the SEGA Genesis Flashback review units provided to media outlets were faulty. The major problems with the device that were pointed out in reviews are the results of various technical issues with the games on the device itself. This all includes the controller input lag, the missing frames, animation quality deterioration, and the like.

AtGames clarified with further statements – “A batch of our review units were accidentally shipped out with early software builds that do not represent the final version. We are working to get updated and correct final products in the hands of reviewers in the coming weeks.”

The SEGA Genesis is set to launch on September 22nd, 2017. Coming along with it will be 85 titles from across the Genesis, Master System, and Game Gear which will include epic and beloved titles like Sonic the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, and more. What games are you most excited to make a home-retro comeback on the classic console revamp? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!